Change Logs


  • Fix crash that was occurring on some Samsung Galaxy phones when viewing events


  • Major rewrite of most of the UI, including:
    • New white theme with card layout for events.
    • Full implementation of the action bar for device running at least honeycomb
    • New minor feature and bug fixes
  • Backend logic improvement and bug fixes to keep events in better sync with the app and calendar.
  • Fixes for cases where updates and additions would fail with Google Calendar errors.
  • New application icon


  • Fixed a bug which could cause duplicate events to appear on the user's calendar.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause team names to be truncated on phones running Jelly Bean.
  • Application start optimization.
  • Backend application improvements to allow more flexible data in the future.


  • Critical bug fix that stopped ICS devices from selecting their Google Calendar on first add, or switching to another calendar.


  • Optimized Sports Calendar for devices running ICS. Devices running ICS will now utilize the Action Bar.
  • Events screen now uses a scrolling view, like Google Play, to scroll between tags (home, away, playoffs, etc..)
  • Multiple bug fixes that could cause the application to crash when it was put into the background.


  • Optimized application startup and first screen loading.
  • Loading dialog's can now be cancelled while waiting for team/events to load.
  • Fixed a bug which could the application to hang while loading a team/events.


  • Fixed a bug in that caused Sports Calendar to not properly display the Google Account Permission screen the first time events were add on Samsung Galaxy SII phones (Epic 4G Touch) and some newer Epic 4G ROMS.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause a blank black screen to appear with no error message when loading events.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Loading dialog to close when the app is launching before it had actually completed the data download completely.
  • When you tap on an event, the detail now include the day of the week of the event in addition to the date in the pop-up window.


  • Data connection when loading teams/schedules in now done in a background process and 'Loading...' dialog is displayed. This will result in a more responsiveness and resolve issues that caused 'Application Not Responding' messages to appear.
  • The android search button will now trigger the search dialog in team listings. This previously only worked from menu->search option.


  • Added Background Update Capabilities
    • Events on your calendar will be updated and new events will be added to existing schedules
    • Background updates be disabled in the settings
  • Fixed a bug where adding a new calendar for Sports Calendar to use would not work if your phone's default calendar was an exchange calendar.


  • Improvement to allow adding and removing of more complex leagues/events in the future
  • General Bug and Stability Fixes


  • General Bug and Stability Fixes


  • Bug Fixes in the Events screen that could occur when scrolling between pages
  • General Stability Fixes


  • Initial Release!


  • Adds WebOS 2.x support for adding events to your calendar.
  • Adds Touchpad support running in emulation mode.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause checkmarks not to show up correctly event if you had added a team
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the number of events added to be reported incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the upgrade process to hang at 10% when upgrading from a very old version


  • Fixed a bug that could cause updates to hang and leave behind the dashboard behind when calendar event were manually deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Tags to be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that could cause events not to add properly after deleting all current schedule and not restarting the program
  • Minor UI enhancements and bug fixes


  • You can now mark a league as a Favorite and it will jump to the top of the list of leagues. To do this just click on the start next to you favorite sports, the next time you open the App, they will be at the top in a special section.
  • Sports Calendar now supportorts "Tags". When you are viewing event for a team, click on the header to view the available tags. Some common tag examples are home games, away game or preseason games. If you select a tag and hit the "Add All" button, only those events will be added. If the future if new events are added that meets the tag requirement they will automatically be added to your calendar during the next update
  • Sports Calendar now supports adding Single Events to your calendar. You can add just one game to your calendar that you may have tickets for! To do this just click on the event, and hit the button "Add Single Event"
  • Duplicate events are now detected properly. If you both the Cowboys and Giants schedules to your calendar, there will now only by one Event on your calendar when the Cowboys play the Giants. This applies to special schedules like Monday Night Football as well
  • You can now multiple WebOS calendars. Youu can now create a separate Calendar for each league, team or event you add. To do this just hit the "options" button before adding event and type the name of the calendar you would like the events to be placed on. You can then customize the color of each calendar in the Calendar App. You can also set a default calendar name in the preferences
  • The bug which caused the dashboard to hang during updates with the message "Preparing to update" has been fixed